Customise the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox

Although the Bookmarks Toolbar In Firefox gives you one-click access to your favourite sites, it doesn’t offer much scope to change how it looks and behaves. For greater control, install Thin Bookmarks (, which lets you increase or decrease the size of the toolbar; hide your bookmarks’ names or icons … Continue reading

Add useful links to your New Tab page

There are lots of Chrome extensions that use photos, features and other content to transform your New Tab page. But if you’d prefer a more minimal approach, install Humble New Tab Page ( This displays your bookmarks folder, most visited sites, recently closed tabs and a weather summary, but conceals … Continue reading

Get headlines from your favourite newspaper

Over the last few years, a company called Currently ( has created several Chrome add-ons for newspaper websites, and it’s now launched one for The Express ( The extension delivers the latest headlines from the Daily Express and Sunday Express, lets you save stories to read later and alerts you … Continue reading

Translate selected text as you browse the web

Google has updated its fantastic Translate extension for Chrome ( to make it even easier to translate online content into other languages. Previously. you could use the add-on to translate a whole web page in a single click, but it’s now been improved to let you focus on a section … Continue reading